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Episode 98: Unlucky Frog On Tour - Glasgow Games Festival 2019

November 18th, 2018

In this week's episode Josh and Charlotte give us a round up of their experience of Glasgow Games Festival 2019!


Nuts and Bots by Cardboard and Coffee (00:01:06)

Adreneline by Czech Edition Games (00:03:27)

Squirrel by Format 15 Games (00:06:08)

1 Survives, the game of horror/slasher survival  (00:10:50)

Magnificent Flying Machines by Medusa Games (00:18:15)

Space Horizons (00:18:50)

KeyForge by Fantasy Flight Games (00:23:50)


Shout outs (00:33.00)

Bez of Stuff By Bez

One Free Elephant

Mark Mackinnon Dream Big Games

Justin of Bad Cat Games

Medusa Games

Dave Wright of Tabletop Scotland

Nick (Unpopular Mechanic)

Tony Axon


Eric from Juniper Green Games

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe



Presented by Josh Hartley and Charlotte Porter

Post Production by Josh Hartley


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