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Episode 71: The Zombie Creed

July 29th, 2018

In this week's episode Ben is joined by regular contributor, Tom Mannering. Listen in as they talk about:

  • Spiel des Jahres winner, Azul
  • Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
  • The newly announced CMON games (Zombicide TTRPG, Wacky Races and the Munchkin Board game)
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Age of Sigmar: Champions
  • Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition
  • The newly launched Unlucky Frog Gaming stream


Also tune in for a special announcement about Mr Tom Mannering himself!


We hope you enjoy listening!

The Unlucky Frog Team



Hosted by Benjamin Porter

Guest appearance by Tom Mannering

Post-Production by Charlotte Porter


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