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Episode 59: Twitching

June 17th, 2018

This week Ben and Charlotte take the reigns of the Regular Show. Together they discuss their week in Tabletop including playing Arkham Horror LCG: Paths To Carcosa, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and Zombie Doctor, and catching up with Tristan and Francesca of Hall or Nothing Productions whilst on a whistlestop tour of Manchester. They also discuss recent announcements from CMON and Monolith about how they will be utilising Kickstarter in the future, as well as the Unlucky Frog's plans for using Twitch for live streaming and how it can be used to benefit the Tabletop Gaming Community.

We hope you enjoy listening!

The Unlucky Frog Team



Episode 36: Lifeform (Mark Chaplin & Tristan Hall)


Honourable Mentions:

Elisar of Capital City Games

24 Hour Board Game Marathon 

Iain McAllister (The Giant Brain)

Warhammer Glasgow

Games Workshop Manchester

Glasgow Shadespire Meet-Up

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