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Episode 106: A Mischief of Goblins | Featuring Mark Cooke of AireCon

January 13th, 2019

Episode 106: A Mischief of Goblins (featuring Mark Cooke of AireCon)





Featured Topics: 

Christian T Peterson designer of Twilight Imperium stepping down from Fantasy Flight Games (04:46)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Goblins (06:49)

Wingspan by Stonemeier Games and preordering games (11:04)

Gaming at Christmas (17:08)

  •      Cheating at Pictionary
  •      The Hartley Scrabble Tournament
  •      Sagrada Vs Azul Vs Roll Player
  •      Koi by Smirk and Laughter Games
  •      Disney Codenames

AireCon 2019 (8th- 10th March) (29:16)

  •      Asmodee Demoing
  •      Mythic Games
  •      RPG Zone
  •      Keyforge Tournament
  •      Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time Live 2: The Reimagining 
  •      Fameeple Fortunes with I Play Red
  •      Board Game Quiz
  •      AireSocs
  •      Bring and Buy 
  •      Board Game Library
  •      Convention App
  •      Food Trucks


Honourable Mentions:

Rodney Smith

Dame Judi Dench

Kevin Hartley

Kim Joy 



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Presented by Ben Porter and Josh Hartley

Guest Appearance by Mark Cooke

Post Production by Charlotte Porter

Theme Music by FourFox



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