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Episode 100: Don’t Step In It!

December 2nd, 2018





In this week's episode Ben and Josh discuss a whole array of items from the tabletop gaming communty. 

Topics featured: 


Games Workshop Recycling Petition(01:30)

Don't Step In It! by Hasbro Games (04.44)

Kickstarter Steamforged Dark Souls Controversy (08:04)

Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters (11.28)

Kickstarter Stand at Pax Unplugged (19:10)

Dragonmeet 2018 (21:45)

Pathfinder Campaign update(23:15)

Keyforge by Fantasy Flight Games(24:30)

Our plans for Game of The Year 2018 (36:28)

Lucky Sparrow Games Cafe (37:05)


Honourable Mentions:

Owen Duffy 

Jamie Adams from Brainwaves


We hope you enjoy listening!

The Unlucky Frog Team



Presented by Ben Porter and Josh Hartley

Post Production by Charlotte Porter

Episode Artwork by Charlotte Porter








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